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Rachel Holdsworth
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Sign Up, Get Ready

High_Vis_7Jan09.jpg If you fancy being part of the Olympics but your hurdling isn't up to scratch, then volunteering may be the answer. But, like an athlete, you'll have to put some practice in... Newham councillor Paul Bricknell is encouraging people to start volunteering now so they'll have the skills and experience come 2012. Although applications won't officially open until 2010 (and the website says previous experience isn't necessary) the Newham Volunteers scheme is open to any Londoner and will help you stand out from the crowd for the event itself. (Image / Taz etc.)

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you know I seriously believe that Dubai is challenging London to host the Olympics. Britain is in recession and Dubai is building infrastructure at a pace where a desert city will be a thing of the past.

It has also started construction of a metro train project that will improve transportation immensely.

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