Shoot and Eat: Abeno Too

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Shoot and Eat: Abeno Too

Photo by su-lin

Photo by su-lin

Londonist is particularly tickled by places where it's possible to cook-it-yourself (last month's S&E on Sichuan hotpot was possibly a hint of this). One such place is Abeno Too near Leicester Square (or the original Abeno near the British Museum), which specialises in okonomiyaki, or "what you like fried" in translation. These flour and egg pancakes are chock full of cabbage and various meats, all based on the type you choose from the menu. They come to your table raw and in a bowl and it's up to you or your waiter to fry it on the hotplate in front of you. Not keen on pancakes? How about om-soba (pictured below)? That's a thin omelette encasing a filling of yakisoba, fried noodles. C'mon, give it a try...not all Japanese food is sushi!

Photo by su-lin

Abeno Too

17-18 Great Newport Street

London WC2H 7JE

Last Updated 15 January 2009


That om-soba is a monster! Did you make that okonomiyaki yourself, or did you let the waiter do it? If it's yours I'm very impressed. I'm not so good at these.


I love this place! One of my fav eating places in London but I never knew I had the option to cook it myself. Tho, not sure I'd take them up on that offer. Much prefer the skilled talented waiters to cook it for me.


I let the waiter cook it - all the better to take photos with! Totally possible to make these at home too if the credit crunch is nipping at your heels.


That top shot makes me go weak at the knees and dribble.