Shock News: It's A Bit Cold Today...

Dave Haste
By Dave Haste Last edited 118 months ago
Shock News: It's A Bit Cold Today...

Evening Standard hysterical weather headlines

... and it might be cold tomorrow, too. And so the national obsession with the weather continues, with papers reporting that, astonishingly, it can sometimes get a bit chilly in January.

As we reported yesterday (well, if the newspapers can run a story every single day about the weather then so can we), London is bracing itself for widespread disruption as a result of this somewhat seasonal and predictable weather. According to The Times:

Even during the day, temperatures are unlikely to stay above freezing in many places. To add to the misery, a belt of sleet and snow showers running down through East Anglia and the South East could leave 1cm (0.4in) of snow on the ground this morning. It could also wash away the grit spread by councils during the night and leave widespread ice on roads and pavements during the morning rush hour.

A whole 0.4 inches of snow, eh? Better break out the snowshoes.

Unsurprisingly, The Evening Standard wins the award for unjustified hyperbole with its mostly incorrect headline, “Minus 10 - it’s colder than the Antarctic”. And you can bet that they’ll have managed to cram even more hysteria into it by the time their later editions go to press.

Makes you wonder how they manage in places where it gets really cold, doesn’t it?

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Last Updated 06 January 2009