Lycra Outcry In Hornsey Gym

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Lycra Outcry In Hornsey Gym

Image by Andwar from the Londonist Flickr pool

Hell hath no fury like leotard-clad women of Hornsey having their exercise classes cut at their local gym. Surging with adrenaline and indignation, a fearsome combination in any situation, the members of the Legs, Bums and Tums class stormed the gym manager's office last Thursday in the north London Virgin Active gym when their hour-long class was cut to 45 minutes. The main grief these fitness fans have with the management is a series of changes at the gym which was formerly a Holmes Place gym, now seeing popular classes taught by freelancers replaced with Virgin Active in-house trainers.

The protest was a mass of seething women seeking justice and their remaining 15 minutes of the full class. There was apparently also a man in the scrum, also protesting for the full hour class - perhaps he too thought it was a shame that the ladies don't get a full hour to heave and lunge and develop a healthy sheen of workout sweat in their leotards and leggings. A real, real shame.

Incidentally, full membership of the gym costs £56.95 per month which allows access to all classes, swimming pool and spa. That's close to £700 per year so righteous indignation and strong words on how things should be done is somewhat okay.

Last Updated 19 January 2009