Londonist Stays In

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Londonist Stays In


Bringing you the most Londony shows on TV over the coming week.


How do they do it? (FIVE, 19.30-20.00) That bloke who played Kryton in Red Dwarf pays a visit to Whitechapel Bell Foundry, makers of Big Ben and the Liberty Bell.

Million Dollar Traders (BBC2, 21.00-22.00) Part two sees the eight novice investors dabbling in the stock market just as it begins to crash around everyone's port-rouged ears. Is the BBC's reality banking show a direct cause of the global financial meltdown?


It's all about Obama today. Watch the inauguration on BBC1 from 4pm.


Inside Out (BBC1, 7.30-8.00) Gary Rhodes discusses London's first celebrity chef (King Alfred?).

Savile Row (BBC4, 8.00-9.00) Repeat of last year's documentary into the trials and tribulations of tailoring for toffs.

Stockwell (ITV1, 9.00-10.00) A dramatic reconstruction of the events leading to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.


Sky Cops (8.30-9.00) Rookies from Hendon Police College take to the skies. Like Police Academy with more background noise and less Guttenburg.


Demons (ITV1, 19.45-20.45) We failed to catch the previous episode of the London-based monster-hunting drama. Did we miss any plot developments? Will we be able to follow the story? No and yes, definitely in that order.

Last Updated 19 January 2009