In Pictures: Boris Opens The Woolwich DLR

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In Pictures: Boris Opens The Woolwich DLR
Oh cripes, chaps, what zone are we in?
The greatest statesman of this or any other age.
And I'm delighted, in the home of the monarch's historic arsenal, to have Henry VIII beside me today.
Packed to the gunwales.
Tae Kwon Do at the BoJo Dojo
Look like you've just stepped out of a saloon.

Yesterday, Mayor Boris Johnson officially opened Woolwich DLR station. Photographer Mike King was on hand to capture every gurn and scrunch of the Johnsonian countenance, and sends us these impressive photos. To see more of Mike's work, visit

If you just can't get enough of the hairy mayory, a video of the DLR opening is also available courtesy of 104willie104.

Last Updated 13 January 2009