Unchained Mini-Guide to Columbia Road

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Unchained Mini-Guide to Columbia Road

Flowers are nice and all that, but this month, we’d like to take a different, shoppier look at the famed Columbia Rd. So flowers shmowers really, Columbia Rd is the shiznid for independent shops. Now that we’ve said that, we should probably note that a lot of these great shops are only open on Sundays (for the shmower market) and on that holiest of shopping days, the vibe cannot be beat. I mean, there are dudes selling king prawn tempura at holes in the walls for about £3, for crying out loud. What more could a food loving shopaholic want? So, get your boots on and sharpen your wits in preparation for a world of East London banter, here’s our pick of the crop:

Treacle - Nostalgia has never been so tasty

Mad Fashion Bitch - Reworked and vintage clothes - hoxditch stylee

Fred Bare - Hat central for the budding fashionista or anyone who loves a unique face area

Angela Flanders - A perfume shop with a difference, they’ll work with you to create bespoke scents. Ooohooh.

Vintage Heaven - Treasure trove of retro and mid-century objets d'art

Two Columbia Road - Collectable furniture and timeless pieces for an achingly gorgeous pad

Photograph by Dave Gorman via the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 21 January 2009


Mad Fashion Bitch isn't actually on Columbia Rd anymore, its on Bethnal Green Road, under a hair salon called STAMP.