Unchained Mini-Guide to Columbia Road

By tikichris Last edited 120 months ago
Unchained Mini-Guide to Columbia Road

Flowers are nice and all that, but this month, we’d like to take a different, shoppier look at the famed Columbia Rd. So flowers shmowers really, Columbia Rd is the shiznid for independent shops. Now that we’ve said that, we should probably note that a lot of these great shops are only open on Sundays (for the shmower market) and on that holiest of shopping days, the vibe cannot be beat. I mean, there are dudes selling king prawn tempura at holes in the walls for about £3, for crying out loud. What more could a food loving shopaholic want? So, get your boots on and sharpen your wits in preparation for a world of East London banter, here’s our pick of the crop:

Treacle - Nostalgia has never been so tasty

Mad Fashion Bitch - Reworked and vintage clothes - hoxditch stylee

Fred Bare - Hat central for the budding fashionista or anyone who loves a unique face area

Angela Flanders - A perfume shop with a difference, they’ll work with you to create bespoke scents. Ooohooh.

Vintage Heaven - Treasure trove of retro and mid-century objets d'art

Two Columbia Road - Collectable furniture and timeless pieces for an achingly gorgeous pad

Photograph by Dave Gorman via the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 21 January 2009