Climate Rush: Dinner At Domestic Departures

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Climate Rush: Dinner At Domestic Departures

Image by Mondoagogo from the Londonist Flickr pool
If you care about climate change and want deeds not words to curb reckless global warming, then put on your finest Edwardian garb and make like a Suffragette to Heathrow on Monday 12 January for Climate Rush. Scheduled is a civilised picnic at 7pm in Domestic Departures, Terminal 1, accompanied by a live string quartet and other like-minded, similarly dressed climate change protesters from Climate Rush. The movement is inspired by the Suffragette Rush 100 years ago which saw women rushing the doors of Parliament, demanding votes for women and several years of direct action from women and men campaigning for equal rights.

Climate Rush instructions are quite specific - attendees are not to display Edwardian outifts until signalled (luckily, the cold weather should still be with us so a long coat over a narrow high-necked Edwardian gown for the long journey through Hounslow shouldn't be too unwelcome) and bring food, be polite, comply with police present... it seems that if you're going to do it, do it nicely, do it well, do it calmly and get your message across even more effectively than chaos and anarchy ever could.

Monday is the day MPs return from their winter break so having your thin cucumber sandwiches while wearing your good gloves in departures could have greater impact than the slightly gimmicky format might initially suggest.

Climate Rush, Monday 12 January at Domestic Departures, 7pm. For more information and details on how to attend, go to the Climate Rush website.

Last Updated 09 January 2009