Call for Photos: Your Obama Party Pics

By tikichris Last edited 111 months ago
Call for Photos: Your Obama Party Pics

Celebrating the US presidential inauguration in London tomorrow? We want your photos to post on Wednesday. Just upload ‘em to Flickr, send ‘em to our Flickr pool and make sure to tag ‘em Londonist and, oh let’s see … Obama. Thanks!

Photo by Simon-K via the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 19 January 2009


All this overblown celebration is going to come back to haunt the Obama worshippers when he inevitably doesn't live up to the myth that people have made him into.


It's still a giant step for America-kind.

Chris Osburn

We'll see. It's certainly an historic event. Besides, I think a lot of the feel-good factor is simply relief for what is ending as much as it is excitement about what may yet come. It's nice to see so many people enthusiastic. I think that, yes, hopes are high but most folks I speak with have realistic expectations.