And Now A Toast To Gay-Friendliness

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And Now A Toast To Gay-Friendliness

Lloyds TSB 'top gay employer'
Every year gay campaign group/charity Stonewall publishes its list of top 100 gay-friendly employers.

London has always done quite well on the lists, for three reasons:

1) Because of our city's innate cosmopolitanism (is that a word?);

2) Because Mayor Ken was always a tireless campaigner for gay rights, and when he set up his London agencies they all reflected this (and Mayor Boris also places a premium on gay-friendliness in power); and

3) Because world-leading corporates and government departments based in London see the opportunity as a recruitment tool.

This year the number of entries hit record levels, so how did London fare?

Well, all the headlines for 'top employer' went to Lloyds TSB. As a UK-wide body they have a number of branches in London and they were the first domestic sponsor for London 2012 - so we are going to be naughty and claim them as our own (so nur). Highlights from the list coming up:

1 Lloyds TSB (+5)

5 Transport for London (+1) (who were very chuffed)

7 London Borough of Tower Hamlets (+10) (similarly proud)

10 Home Office (+4) (the top of many Government Departments on the list)

13 Goldman Sachs (+25) (the top of many City institutions on the list)

14 London Fire Brigade (-1)

35 Met Police

39 Newham College

43 London Development Agency

48 Thames Valley Police

77 London Borough of Islington

Questions are raised when we have a look at the 2008 results - who is missing from 2009? Here are those that didn't make the grade this year - either as they didn't make the top 100, or because they didn't enter:

2 Greater London Authority (hmmm, did someone forget to send in the paperwork?)

48 Lehman Brothers (we think we know why)

67 London Borough of Waltham Forest

74 City of London Police

78 London Borough of Hackney

Full results here.

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