Win: Market EC1 Guestlist

By Talia Last edited 121 months ago
Win: Market EC1 Guestlist

Getting people out on Sunday is no easy mission. If your hangover isn't bad enough from Saturday night, then there's the small matter of work on a Monday morning to content with. Never one to take the obvious as a stopping point though, Fabric are returning to Sunday nights with newcomer Market EC1.

Aimed at an 'diverse gay/lesbian/bi art and fashion crowd', the club will be transformed by the likes of Jonny Woo and Marco Palomque into more than your average banging night at Fabbers. Launching this Sunday the lineup includes Chus & Ceballo, DJ Pagano, Trailer Trash's Hannah Holland, K Tron live and Jim Warboy.

Open from 9pm - 4am, tickets are £12, but we've got a pair to give away. Email with Market in the title and we'll let you know if you're a winner on Friday by 5pm.

Last Updated 04 December 2008