Walnut Brownie Chunk Cookie Goodness from Outsider Tart

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Walnut Brownie Chunk Cookie Goodness from Outsider Tart
Outsider Tart

Happiness is a walnut brownie chunk cookie. Don’t believe us? Here. Have a bite of ours and check out its makers: the “new culinary enterprise” Outsider Tart, a hobby-turned-business for David Lesniak and David Muniz, two American business and life partners who’ve set out to rectify what they saw as a dire situation: that “good wholesome, homemade cupcakes, sweet pies and fresh tarts are pretty hard to come by” here in London. No matter what you may think about the state of baked treats in London these days, we’re certain you’ll agree that things are a lot yummier now that Outsider Tart has opened up their oven door for us.

Beyond the walnut brownie chunk cookies, Outsider Tart bakes muffins and scones and morning breads and coffeecakes and layer cakes and cupcakes and brownies and addicitively tasty spiced pecans and … and …and … and … Christmas desserts (for which the last order date is Friday, December 19).

Still not sure about that chunkie cookie goodness leading to happiness? Well, um, give us that cookie back. Now!

Last Updated 03 December 2008