TfL Question Time

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TfL Question Time

We're quite sure that anyone who has ever used London transport has some unanswered questions about the system. Your chance to have them answered by no less than Richard Parry, Director of Strategy & Service Development and Howard Collins, Chief Operating Officer has come! They will be online to answer all questions put to them for one night only. Cunningly scheduled for 5-7pm, the period when you're most likely to be stuck underground with no mobile phone or internet access while paused in that irritating tunnel between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street, you can tune in for the live Q&A on the TfL site here.

Last Updated 09 December 2008


Oh cool, this might be interesting. Also, the link to TfL needs fixing :)


Thanks Alex - is fixed.


D'oh! Thwarted by the fact that this is only a London Underground Q&A, and not in fact a TfL Q&A. Both of my questions have been dismissed!


I missed the live Q&A cos I was between work and home - on the tube !!