Sunshine Status

Dean Nicholas
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Sunshine Status

Republican donors are royally PO'd at the party's Florida office. And not only because they couldn't stop the Sunshine State voting Democratic in this year's election: they're annoyed that the party spent more than $45,000 on a trip to London last summer.

As any man jack worth his hanging chads knows, pretty much the entire planet

was pumped for an Obama victory: the Economist's Global Electoral College map revealed a great Blue planet out there, and London hosted pro-Democrat rallies and election night victory parties. So what were the GOP goons doing here if not picking up non-existent votes? Well, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel isn't sure, but it has released a detailed breakdown of their expenses, including $40,000 worth of accommodation at the Sheraton Park Tower in Knightsbridge, meals at such quintessential English restaurants as Planet Hollywood, TGI Friday's and the Hard Rock Cafe, and a whirlwind tour of sights including the Tower of London and Buck Palace. Oh, plus $236 of "office supplies" at Harrods. WHSmith not good enough for them?

Staying with our tenuous London - Florida theme: a travel company is encouraging US students to forgo the Sunshine State for the usual Spring Break shenanigans and come to The Smoke instead. While a February week on Florida's beaches means wet T-shirt contests, all-night parties and getting laid with all the nonchalant ease of shooting fish in a barrel, London at that less-than clement time of year involves downpours and grey skies. But it's all about the culture, innit? The "London Spring Break tour" involves sightseeing trips, a daily continental breakfast and a pre-paid weeklong Oyster card.

Somehow we can't quite seeing it topping the topless displays of bacchanalian excess in Fort Lauderdale every year.

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Last Updated 22 December 2008