Sprout Ban For Gorillas In The (Brown) Mist

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Sprout Ban For Gorillas In The (Brown) Mist
A silverback, yesterday. Brown mist not pictured.

Christmas visitors to Chessington enjoyed a whole world of unexpected musical and aromatic adventures around the gorilla enclosure. The great apes couldn't control their anal acoustics thanks to a diet steeped in Brussels sprouts. The zoo has now withdrawn the vegetable after visitors complained about the malignant honk.

The seasonal parp pellets were added to the gorillas' diet as a concentrated source of vitamin C. According to a spokesperson for the zoo: “The gorillas loved them but unfortunately our guests weren’t so keen on the smell that the gorillas produced afterwards.”

Predictably dubbed 'King Pong', the parping primates must now wait until the park is closed on Christmas Day before receiving a further helping of sprouts.

It seems the gorilla, as a species, has some kind of hidden flatulence agenda. Watch this famous clip, and reappraise the lyrics in light of the Chessington revelation.

Last Updated 24 December 2008