Shoot and Eat: Sichuan Restaurant

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Last Updated 11 December 2008

Shoot and Eat: Sichuan Restaurant

For the Hotpot

It's cold, isn't it? Wouldn't you like a lovely, huge, red potful of Sichuan hotpot? We have ours at the cozy Sichuan Restaurant in Acton. Don't bother with the default menu with Cantonese choices - you want the Chef's Specials section or the A4 sheets at each table, available in both Chinese and English. The hotpot is on the smaller A5 sheets and only in Chinese but they're happy to translate for you (we've been told that English translations are in print). Bring a friend or a few and warm your inner workings with the spicy goodness - and it's good fun cooking it all yourself too. If hotpot isn't your thing, try their many Sichuan specialties: Guangong beef, ants climbing a tree, Kung Pao chicken. Sweet and sour aubergine is our latest must-have dish and your meal can be rounded off with some toffee apples and bananas (all pictured below). Now we're craving some spicy food!

Sweet and Sour Aubergine


Sichuan Restaurant

116 Churchfield Road


London W3 6BY