Nos Gustamos Manu Chao (Preview)

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Nos Gustamos Manu Chao (Preview)

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The sound of felicidad is coming to London, albeit for two nights only. Manu Chao’s frenetic strumming may be more than a poco loco, but the music he makes is full of life and laughter as he ties traditional ideas of genre and language in knots. Just have a listen to the above: if you’re not smiling instantly we’ll be jolly surprised.

A bit French but mostly Spanish, the ska-reggae-rocker has made a career from doing the unexpected, and supporting the controversial. His latest projects have included involvement in a documentary about Maradona, and there is a book coming out about his former band Mano Negro, next year.

Anyway, if you fancy a bit of sunshine in an otherwise chilly December, he’s at the Forum next Tuesday and Wednesday. There seem to be tickets left for both days, but you’ll have to move fast.

Last Updated 12 December 2008


Shouldn't the headline read "Nos Gusta Manu Chao" instead of "Gustamos"?

I'm not a fan of the Chao. Too much exposure on a South American trip a few years ago (around his Proxima Estacion Esperanza days) killed his hippy-happy ways for me.


Ah - Esperanza is what did it for me. His sound just spreads an inane grin of pure happiness across my face.

As for se gustar: I'll take your word for it! My Spanish was learnt by osmosis, and I really can't recall the declensions of reflexive verbs.

Hasta luego.