Recessionist Mini: Her Maj Reins It In

By Lindsey Last edited 121 months ago
Recessionist Mini: Her Maj Reins It In

With the royal residences apparently crumbling around her court shoes, our octogenarian monarch is sympathising with her hard up subjects' penurious predicament. She's reported to have advised her princely grandsons not to get papped falling out of Mahiki high on costly bubbles and inappropriately lavish Christmas cheer this year, as she continues to lead a tightening of purse strings throughout the Royal Family.

Austerity principles have also been applied to one's regal wardrobe, reusing and reworking existing outfits in defiance of etiquette that suggests she shouldn't be seen in the same outfit twice (honestly, who would notice?) and the brilliant trivia nugget that Prince Phillip still wears trousers from 30 years ago. Things were built to last back then, for sure.

Image by trailerfullofpix via the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 15 December 2008