Festive Dose Of Schadenfreude For Blue Peter

By Craigie_B Last edited 119 months ago
Festive Dose Of Schadenfreude For Blue Peter

Far be it from us to snigger at someone else's misfortune...

...but we are amused at the cack-handed incident in Trafalgar Square yesterday, when a Blue Peter presenter managed to drop the star from the top of the iconic Christmas tree from Norway, causing light damage.

The broadcast went ahead, with video of the incident up here.

As far as we know, no children or animals were squashed or injured by the large falling object. We are pleased to report that the infamous Blue Peter skills of using sticky tape etc saved the day - which is probably a good moral for this Christmas tale, no? If we weren't so cynical, we'd think this was all planned. Hmmm.

Twinkle, twinkle, etc.

Trafalgar Square chrimbo pic from Anyhoo's Flickrstream

Last Updated 18 December 2008