Dumbbarman Gets Stuck In Dumbwaiter

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Dumbbarman Gets Stuck In Dumbwaiter

You learn something new everyday. This Londonista just learned that those little food service lifts in pubs and restaurants (see pic) are called 'Dumbwaiters'.

Never has a word been more appropriate than at 3am on Christmas Day, when an as-yet-unnamed barman (let's call him 'DumbBarMan') at the George pub in Bow had a few too many sherries and decided it would be fun to crawl into one of them.

We assume he was quite small (or at least related to Houdini) but even so he weighed far too much for the dumbwaiter, which is a system generally designed to carry a couple of Chicken Curries and a Naan bread. (Like, duh!).

In a big surprise to no one with two or more functioning braincells, the food lift fell - trapping our beloved DumbBarMan. He received minor injuries to his legs, major injuries to his ego, and had to rescued by two Fire crews and an ambulance team.

Two questions remain:

1) Did DumbBarMan ever manage to get a GCSE? Does he know what one is?

2) Will he be allowed to work in the George on New Year's Eve, or is it simply too much of a risk?

Fortunately, if the pub is like any of the ones we've been into across London, he'll have the p*** remorselessly ripped out of him for months.

We can't wait til everyone's mobile phone pictures appear on Facebook. We guess he'd de-tag himself, if only he knew how to do it.

Image from duncan's Flickrstream under the creative commons licence

Last Updated 30 December 2008