Calling Very Important People

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Calling Very Important People

Giving blood is a very special act. If you're eligible and able, your donation could help save another person's life. That's an awesome thing. In our experience, the National Blood Service is a brilliant organisation staffed by kind, friendly and highly skilled people who make a potentially frightening process - opening your veins voluntarily - a calm, safe and comfortable experience. A cup of tea and a biscuit were never so well deserved.

Blood stocks always need replenishing - the demand is constant. But donors with rarer blood types are especially sought, particularly from Black African, Black Caribbean and South Asian communities. Currently only 3% of active blood donors are from these communities and because of this, particular types of rare blood groups found only in Black and Asian communities are in great demand.

So, the National Blood Service need new ambassadors, everyday people from all different ethnic backgrounds who have benefited from receiving donated blood. As our fair city is one of the most multicultural places on earth, come on folks! Step up, share your story and encourage others to enrol as donors. If you're interested in helping with the campaign to find these important people, please email

Or, if you can - as they used to say - do something amazing, give blood. Find out where here.

Last Updated 11 December 2008


I can heartily (no pun intended) recommend giving blood to even the most squeamish of folk. Myself, I am a big old wimp too scared to give until recently, but even I love the blood donor sessions. The blood team are soooo nice and the care and attention they give you makes any worries worthwhile. And as for the biscuits... well, stuff your face with tucs, crisps, biccies guilt free. Yum.


I've been offering my blood to the NHS Vampire service for many years, being AB+ my red stuff is much in demand.

Also got my name down on the Anthony Nolan bone marrow donor listing. not been called for this one but would be well happy to be asked if a match was possible with some less than happy person who needs the jelly like stuff to keep alive.


Just remember not to bully and cajole people into giving blood because maybe they have a good reason.

The National Blood Service bans the following people from giving blood:

- people from sub-Saharan Africa (perhaps that is why they're short of blood from Black African people)
- any man who has ever had sex with a man, ever, even if you had a negative HIV test 6 months ago and have done nothing since.

However providing all your encounters have been between man and woman, you can donate, even if you've had hundreds and they were all unprotected and you've never had an HIV test.

This is the slightly baffling policy which they take to prevent HIV being spread through blood products.


I would love to donate blood, but as a gay man I am banned.

For *life*.

This despite being in a long-term, monogamous, safe relationship.

Meanwhile the guy who walks past on the street, sleeping repeatedly with prostitutes, is encouraged to sign up.

It's not just a baffling policy it's shameful. Allowing much-needed blood to be kept away from those that need it is rubbish, unnecessary discrimination that ends up killing people.

The blood transfusion service needs radical reform.


how about renaming this article 'Calling Very Important People, Except For The Following Who Are Not Welcome'.

And then list them.