Welcome To The Cheap Streets

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Welcome To The Cheap Streets

It’s no surprise to hear the location of half of Britain’s most expensive residential streets happen to be in Kensington and Chelsea and it’s a pretty safe bet the credit crisis and falling house prices will only skim their leafy corners. But second only to K&C's finest, The Vale - where the average house price is £4.6 million - Ingram Avenue, Barnet is officially one of the most expensive places to live in Britain with a cool suburban £4.4 million price tag.

But what of the top cheapest places to live? Thankfully, other North London boroughs have more within reach property prices. For those of you who appreciate sinister nocturnal gatherings around Seven Sisters' station or the odd encounter with undercover Metropolitan police, then there’s a conveniently situated purpose built top floor one bed flat in Elliot Court asking a mere £139,995. Or on Somerset Gardens, near the home of Spurs and where the streets are slightly dilapidated the average price of a one bed flat is £134,950.

Alternatively, for an even cheaper address venture further north into East Birmingham. An average three bed semi-detached home in Kitts Green can be got for as little as £74,950. Better still, Silvermere Road in Sheldon commands an average price of £65,000 for a two bed flat. Factor in your annual railcard for the commute back to town, though, and maybe it’s not so much value for money. Still nice to know you don’t necessarily need to bust your hump to pay a £4.4 million mortgage on a north London pad.

By Penny Lewis

Image courtesy of Greything via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 16 November 2008