Unseen Images Of A Vanished London

By M@

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Unseen Images Of A Vanished London

In 2008, LIFE magazine and Google Images teamed up to make millions of archive images available to the public for the first time.

Within this stupendous resource are hidden thousands of pictures of a vanished London. We say 'hidden' because searching for 'London' yields no results. You have to search by narrower terms like 'Trafalgar Square'.

The gallery shows our favourite seven, but let us know in the comments if you unearth something special that we missed.

Last Updated 14 November 2017

Tom Williams

These are fantastic. Reminds me of a superb show of London photos that was on at the Getty Images gallery recently.

Thanks Londonist!


Wow... that Cannon Street image is incredible.


I get loads of results by searching for "London". However, searching "london" returns none.


What about this for glamour:

or this for poignancy:
- there are so few Thames Barges left in circulation now.

M@ - this is a real treasure - thanks for sharing. It'll keep me quiet for hours...


Fantastic find! Searching for "Thames" throws up a lot of great 1930s images of Tower Bridge, the wharves, and the old Thames lighters when they were still used in shipping...

(oh, and if the commenter above me wants to see Thames sailing barges, there are about ten moored up in St Katherine's Dock when they're not out giving tours)


WoW. Love love love this. Pics of Blitzed London alwasys floor me, esp. because it wasn't that long ago. The Dandrige pic is fab.


It was really good to see these images finally open for all to see.

I have a video of the building of Green Park station (really a move and rename of Down street station ) when the Piccadilly line moved in that was 1938.

Also got a 16mm film to put through telecine, shot just after the war showing London as it was in 1946. bomb damage et al.


Scott's ship


Plane in Trafalgar Square


Traditional advertising on Picadilly Circus



Check out - here for images of London (and other places, just click on the London area). To see the difference time makes to places, or in some cases, not a lot of change.

The site is pointed towards the Railway systems of London but as a general interest in time differences, all good images.