Storms Cause Wembley Cracks

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 114 months ago
Storms Cause Wembley Cracks

According to reports, storms on Monday caused a 40ft long crack to appear through four floors at Wembley Stadium. "Panicked workers" described the floor shaking as the building creaked and groaned. Yet officials say Wembley remains fully operational, and that the structure is fine, the crack merely a symptom of the year-old stadium's natural settling. Is this a case of excitable hacks conjuring a shock story out of nothing? Or are Wembley bosses trying to whitewash yet more problems at the notoriously troubled national stadium?

Last Updated 13 November 2008


how can a 40ft crack be a natural symptom of the building settling? I'm no construction expert but that sounds way off!



Thanks for the air of scepticism. A welcome relief from the some of the conjecture peddled elsewhere.

Disclosure time - I work at the stadium. I occasionally comment personally (not on behalf of my employer) on this site and Duncan's even interviewed me in a professional capacity too for londonist in the past.

There's no crack, let alone one that is 40ft high and 1.5m wide as I've read elsewhere and nobody was running away in terror.

Basically every building of any kind of scale is built with expansion joints. Normally they move slowly within these joints which allow the building to contract and expand naturally with the temperature.

For some reason instead of the movement being gradual, there was more rapid movement on Monday which was fairly sudden and did make a noise. We're quite used to loud noises in this building - especially when they're loading the beer barrels in the bars above our offices! So, when it happened nobody was running away in a Scooby-Doo like manner.

Our engineers are looking into why it happened, but it's very much business as usual in the stadium. They did cordon off a couple of areas on Monday afternoon while they inspected the area, but it opened again a few hours after.

I'd dispute the notoriously troubled tag as well - that's lazy. We're fine now thanks. So we opened a year late. Que sera sera...