Selfridges Christmas Windows

By NatalieU Last edited 122 months ago
Selfridges Christmas Windows

Christmas is upon us whether we like it or not. Giant snowmen hover above Carnaby Street quite ominously, giant bows traipse down Bond Street rather quaintly and star shaped nets are suspended over Regent Street like an afterthought. While some of the Christmas lights this year are nothing to write home about, except maybe the snowmen which we are starting to warm up too after getting over our fear, there is one Selfridges Christmas window display which has us all giddy. That's right, one jolly Santa riding the tube with a sack full of champagne that he duly forgot to hand out to all the over age kiddies. Is this what really happens on the underground while it's shut on Christmas Day? We'd like to think it is the only reason why it's shut on Christmas Day.

The theme of Selfridges Christmas windows this year is "The More the Merrier". Down Oxford Street? Are they kidding? As we battled our way through to get photos of the windows, the last thing Oxford street needs is more people to help induce any kind of merriment. Perhaps as the windows suggest, we should be doing more laundry or more grocery shopping? That's never going to happen. Perhaps try hanging as many pairs of undies on the washing line as you can. Merry now? It works for Santa. It's not all that bad, there are hints of shoes and handbags and sweets to which we can't think of anything merrier. Shoes, more shoes indeed.

Last Updated 24 November 2008