Review: Garry Fabian Miller at James Hyman Gallery

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Review: Garry Fabian Miller at James Hyman Gallery

jpeg 2 GFM Blue in Orange

Now open and running until the 24th of January at James Hyman Gallery (5 Saville Row, W1S 3PD) is a comprehensive retrospective of works by camera-less photographer Garry Fabian Miller. Fabian Miller is famous for the long process of exposing light directly onto photographic paper through organic material and substances such as plants, lead, engine oil and water to yield unique images for which there are no negatives.

On view for the first time since the seventies are vintage prints of Fabian Miller’s well known Sea Horizon series, including photographs including photographs never previously exhibited or reproduced. Also included are plant studies, such as the multi-part work Honesty, made in 1985 when the artist gave up using a camera in favour of working experimentally in his darkroom.

This collection of Fabian Miller’s photographs is must see for fans of the old school dark room photographic process. Each image in the exhibition resonates with warmth and depth and buzzes kinetically as if neon.

Image of Garry Fabian Miller’s Blue in Orange Rectangle, August 2008, courtesy of the James Hyman Gallery

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