Preview: Left With Pictures EP Launch

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Preview: Left With Pictures EP Launch

Londonist has fallen in love with this band*. If we play their music over any more, the neighbours will be banging on the door, and our significant otherist will hide the CD player. As it is the Londonist cat is sitting with his back to us (never a good sign).

This is one of the best best sounds coming out of anywhere that we’ve heard in a long time. It’s fresh, homegrown, harmonious and intelligent. Like all good pop, it nestles into your ear and feels right at home there: from the off you feel that this is good music, not stuff that you might get used to after the third or fourth time round the decks.

The three dudes who are Left with Pictures** are apparently classically trained, and it kind of shows. Their music fits together so very well, a synergy of their talent rather than a polyphony of ego and voices trying to be heard. Their vocal harmonies are great, and the lyrics are undeniably catchy.

Have we got you hooked yet? Jolly D – ‘cos you can go see them for free this Sunday if you’re up for it – they are launching their new EP, ‘Secretly’, at the Slaughtered Lamb in Barbicanshire on Sunday evening. With the promise of appropriately secret star guests. Won’t be that many more opportunities to see this lot for free, we reckon – go, enjoy. You can thank us for the heads up later, and let us know what you thought.***

*We’re too grown up for posters, you understand, or kissing the glass of the telly when they’re on (What? You never did that? Oh.) This is just musical infatuation.

**At the time of writing their website was having a springclean – but we’re sure it’ll be back up soon.

***If you do miss them, you will soon be able to hear more of them on line as the wonderful Black Cab people will be recording a session with them.

Last Updated 26 November 2008