Peckham Leads The Way

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Peckham Leads The Way

And it's not often you can say that, without going on to talk about something bad - such as 'crime', 'poverty', 'dodgy nightclubs' or 'Chris Eubank'*.

But it's true - a group of local residents have hatched an idea to start up a new business, which will bring green energy into people's homes in the area.

This is how it works - The Peckham Power Company will look at a household's energy use, and will then help supply sustainable technology and insulation to reduce people's bills and 'go green'. Apparently this will capitalise on a wave of new EU grants which will be available next year. The whole thing is run as a co-operative (this we like).

Sounds like good stuff to us. The people behind the PPC are holding a community conference next weekend (details here), and we might go along - if only because of the offer of a "Free Warm Lunch". Presumably it would have been a hot lunch, but to save energy it will only be tepid.

* NB - Other notable figures from Peckham include Matt and Luke Goss from Bros and Vernon Kay. Together with Chris Eubank, that's probably this Londonista's idea of a dinner party from hell. With or without lukewarm food.

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Last Updated 15 November 2008