Off to a Good Start, Then.

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Off to a Good Start, Then. Londonist feels left out, sitting in our candlelit garret, watching the world out there having fun. But today we're smirking a little bit. BECAUSE WE DIDN'T GO TO WESTFIELD TODAY. The word on the street has it that Shepherds Bush Station was actually closed for two hours this afternoon due to overcrowding. And some of the surrounding roads have also been shut. Even without the weather factor, it sounds like the seventh gateway to retail hell. Were you there? Are you a survivor? Tell us more... In the meantime, with your forbearance, we'll go and put the kettle on and pop another log on the fire. Have a warm dry weekend.

Last Updated 01 November 2008


I was there! Not sure how long it had been closed when I passed the station but there was a small crowd outside, along with a few policemen, and the gates were half closed. As well, there were signs flashing Do Not Enter and an announcement being played over and over again saying something like "Do not enter. The station is closed due to congestion." Or something like that. I took my usual bus.

diamond geezer

Sometimes it really is best to write reports on places by not visiting them.


Yep, big crowd outside the tube station, and a queuing system around the side of the station and back to the shopping centre.

The cab rank inside the shopping centre (once I found it) would have been a good idea, if any cabs had been able to get to there. Since roads were closed there were no cabs. Escape was only possible on the Hammersmith and City line, and we all know what that's like. 20 mins until the next train!


Well I am so glad I didn't go!
Perhaps I'll wait for a Tuesday afternoon in February.