Goodbye Halloween Weekend

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Goodbye Halloween Weekend

We managed quite a build up to Halloween this year. We scoured the city for rituals and ghosts. We brought you films, adventure games and tourist attractions. We even went to check out one of the magnificent seven and posed behind gravestones, just for you. But, hands in the air, we didn't go the lengths of horror fanatic Angie Newman. Cyprus Street in Bethnal Green was the location. Angie's home was the set. A dungeon and torture chamber the fruit of her labours. Specially for her kids. Aw.

Unfortunately there were no screaming teenage hoodies being tortured into becoming nice to each other, but there was a torso lying on the table with blood and guts streaming out and guests were greeted at the door by a zombie doctor and a killer skeleton. Halloween horror at its best. Nice.

On the tail end of Dead Set, Charlie Brooker's excellent dark satirical zombie horror set in the fictional Big Brother house and the popularity of Vice President elect Sarah Palin Halloween outfits, not to mention the record breaking zombie dance in Nottingham on Friday, Halloween has been celebrated in much gory spookiness. And now it’s at an end. But cheer up folks, the fire fest of November 5th approaches.

By Penny Lewis

Image courtesy of Simon Crubellier via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 02 November 2008