Globe-trotting in Regent Street

By SallyB2 Last edited 122 months ago
Globe-trotting in Regent Street

natgeocom_logo%5B1%5D.gifGood news for those who expect the world for Christmas (or for those of whom you think the world): the National Geographic Society have opened their first ever retail outlet on Regent Street. As Londonist’s old grand-pappy used to say:

“Everything’s got a history, and everything has a geography.”

We don’t know if the opening of the new shop indicates a general sexing up of the subject – but we do know that the aforementioned grandfather would be turning in his grave if he knew of the woeful lack of geographic awareness which abounds today. Anyway – we can’t wait to go explore, especially as amongst all its toys the outlet offers self-DNA-sampling. This is potentially our new bestest shop.

Last Updated 18 November 2008