Give Bees A Chance

By Lindsey Last edited 120 months ago
Give Bees A Chance

The humble bumble been hasn't been having a good time of it lately. This year saw the worst honey crop on record and the poor blighters are dropping dead and no-one really knows why.

Soon there won't be any left to fight terrorists or investigate the behaviour of criminals and politicians. More importantly, we'll run out of honey and food crops will be devastated because who the hell's going to pollinate a third of the world's food if the bees are buggered? You've seen Bee Movie, right? Exactly.

So members of the British Bee Keeping Association swarmed Downing Street on Wednesday petitioning the PM for an increase in bee research funding and Obama better be prepared to hit the ground running post-inauguration because after the economy and war, "the health of the US bees will be one of the problems in the new US President’s in-tray."

Bee fact of the day: To collect a pound of honey a bee might have to fly a distance equivalent to twice round the world. This is likely to involve more than 10,000 flower visits on perhaps 500 foraging trips.

Last Updated 07 November 2008