Britney Hits London Town in 2009

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Britney Hits London Town in 2009

From not-so-saccharine schoolgirl smut to the sad lip-synching performance of a troubled Judy-Garland figure, the faces of Ms Britney Spears have always been pored over in the media-driven public eye during her short life. Slobbering over her ripped stomach, shaved head or estranged children, the paparazzi have ensured that her incarnations are well-documented at every stage and through every type of media. If the all-singing all-dancing rehashed pap of High School Musical 3 and Britannia High hasn't sated your desire for Pineapple Studios style dance-moves in the last week, then today will bring you great joy - London is going to be hit one more time with an appearance from Britney Spears.

Word has reached us that the original teen starlet will play a two-week residency at the O2 arena next June, following in the wee footsteps of Prince and the more raucous ones of the Spice Girls. Indeed, the latter group's performance should calm the nerves of Britney, who can relax in the knowledge that, if five average Italia Conti graduates can command the attention of hundreds of thousands of punters, surely she'll be able to hold her own.

It will be interesting to see how London reacts to the performer. Having courted controversy in the most predictable way - posing as a horny 15-year old in a school uniform, pre-empting Katy Perry's insulting heterosexual tumble with homosexuality by kissing Madonna on stage, and introducing her set with such charming spoken delights as 'it's Britney, bitch', we can probably guess at the type of 'feel' Britney will bring to this tour. But whether she will be able to handle a gruelling two week residency or not is another story. At times her performances can be electric; at others she looks as if she's been downing gin and popping tranquilisers all morning. Will all that Mickey Mouse Club training pay off or will we have a repeat of the 2007 MTV awards? Either way, the combination of millions of dollars of production costs, sequinned showgirl costumes and misogynistic choreography should guarantee a whole host of headlines for this all-American girl.

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