Art For Free This Friday

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Art For Free This Friday

It seems the streets of London are not paved with gold but instead, art. There was the Grand Tour last year which basically turned the National Gallery inside out, there was Find Me just recently which got artworks into the unlikeliest of places, and this week a big giveaway by street artist Adam Neate.

In his latest exhibition The London Show, Neate will be leaving 1,000 artworks around London, for canny collectors to spot, view then pick up and take home this week - totally for free. The exhibition is led by Neate's desire to exhibit London-wide and to return street art to its urban, free and fun roots, hence You might have to pay up for a taxi though if you're planning to scoop up a few though, and be prepared to insure them, because the going rate is £43,000 each and rising as urban street art seems to keep breaking all price expectations. (Thanks Banksy!)

Distribution of the artworks will not be limited to the obvious spots or the areas where residents can probably afford to buy the items from a gallery anyway; it's promised that artworks will also hit Lambeth and Hackney. Look for autographed pieces though, don't be fooled into chiselling graffiti-covered bricks off the side of a council estate in the mistaken belief you've got an original artwork. Most likely you'll just have anti-climb paint on your shirt and a fine.

Get ready to seek and sequester, the artworks will be distributed from just before dawn on Friday 14 November starting on the outskirts of London, moving slowly inwards throughout the day.

CORRECTION: the artworks will be distributed from dusk on Friday through the night until dawn. For more information on The London Show and how the exhibition will unfold can be found on the Elms Lesters Paintings website.

Image showing outdoor art at the National Theatre by Lindsey Clarke. Neate's pieces may not be as easy to find.

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