All The Booze You Can Abuse

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 120 months ago
All The Booze You Can Abuse

The government may want to ban happy hour in pubs up and down the country, but one Acton booze palace is having none of it. The Redback Tavern has recently introduced a £10 all you can drink promotion, with punters proffered a plastic cup and inveigled to choose their poision from a range of draught beers, spirits and mixers. A tenner gets your fill for two hours, or until you are no longer vertical, whichever's first.

The Redback is, it gives us little surprise to learn, an Australian-themed bar, and is (according to our hard-drinking Aussie contact) a popular stop for Antipodeans on a "Sunday session" after stumbling out of Church - not, you'll be heartened to know, the home of God himself, but a regular weekend event held at the Kentish Town Forum. Though the boozing opportunities are immense, the owners claim that they offer free food beforehand - and, indeed, our contact confirms that the burgers are "to die for".

The Redback's promotion is a perfect piñata for those who rail against "Booze Britain" to thwack their kosh of moral outrage against, but it offers to a discerning clientele the delights of drinking yourself stupid. Who could begrudge 'em that? As our friends at Fancy A Pint? put it in their review of the joint, people go there "for a 'piss-up' and couldn't care less about the government's nannying sensible drinking campaigns". That said, the description of it as "a Walkabout with an attention deficit disorder" suggests it's not the place to take your elderly visiting relatives to sup a slow Sunday ale.

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Last Updated 10 November 2008