Air Lines

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Air Lines

Now here’s a funny thing. Virgin getting into bed with EasyJet. Talk about odd couples (although they say opposites attract and all that). Quite apart from anything else, orange and red don’t half clash. They’re not actually amalgamating, but rather teaming up to purchase Gatwick Airport. And we reckon that they’ll probably make quite a good job out of it. They’re both experienced in the package sector (although this Londonista’s last experience with Virgin was diabolical, but they’ve been going for long enough not to be consistently that bad, we hope). Seems like an astute business move which might just render manageable the chaos that comprises the airport we all love to hate.

Meanwhile, back at the Stansted ranch, Ryanair seems to be two stewards short of a full crew. They are at least taking a very different approach to the runway: their marketing strategy for the season involves a demented singing fly and some air hosties wearing very little. The latter issue is actually quite cool: all done in the best possible bad taste with all proceeds to charity. But the former has serious implications for the rest of us this winter. Superfly is the brain-bug of a Kingston lady who realised that Ryanair’s existing (Chopsticks based?) theme music was not annoying enough and decided to add words. There is now talk of it being Number One for Christmas, and it is most certainly coming to a mobile phone near you. It makes Crazy Frog sound like Mozart. Unfortunately, like many Superbugs, it mutates and is resistant to fly spray: expect it everywhere by the end of the month. Time to use those free ear-plugs which are about the best bit of flying with Virgin.

Plane paper from buckaroo kid's Londonist flickr stream.

Last Updated 14 November 2008