2012 Paris Poke

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2012 Paris Poke

Given our own Olympic Minister's ill conceived remarks recently as to whether, "Had we known what we know now.." about the economy, "would we have bid for the Olympics? Almost certainly not" and the ongoing struggle to cut costs by employing top price KPMG consultants to suggest savings, it's not surprising that miffed Paris - former 2012 bid favourite - is now taking the opportunity to put an elegant boot in.

Head of the Paris bid team, Monsieur Baudillon, sharpening his cross Channel stick has suggested that London's bid organisers were "optimistic" about the budget and promises "were not linked to reality" whereas his own bid team were "much more precise". Insert gallic shrug and pursed lips here. Diplomatically padding his barbed remarks, he concedes that us Brits are jolly good at organising things so that part will probably be alright. But, regardez! Les Francaises are going ahead with building super sporty stuff anyway, because they can, whilst London struggles with alternative venue proposals, cost cutting consultants and very real financial fear. Merde. C'est la vie.

Thanks heavens for Boris' unfailing positivity on the Games to counter Jowell's wavering and his faith that 2012 will "prove a vital shot in the arm for the city when it needs it most".

Madrid, Chicago, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro will no doubt be watching this with interest as they present the 5 main reasons why they should host 2016 to the European Olympic Committee today in Istanbul.

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