You Can Take Our Pennies But You Can't Take Our Parties

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You Can Take Our Pennies But You Can't Take Our Parties

Video of loopy Londoners and their party habits courtesy of

After waxing lyrical on the subject of fancy parties yesterday, we're not surprised to hear that Londoners are determined not to be crushed by the crunch when it comes to having a good time. According to a survey, Londoners spend around £403 per year on attending other people's parties, with weddings, stag and hen dos making up the lion's share of the spending. We fritter away much of our time swanning from venue to venue - more than a third of us attend more than one party per night, compared to half as many people elsewhere in the UK, though on average we are 12 minutes later arriving than the rest of the country - fashionable or just stuck on the Circle line? We are a load of fibbers too, with 59% of us frequently making up excuses not to go to a party.

Modern technology is changing our habits as well - 38% of us say we get invited to more parties due to social networking sites, suggesting there's more to Facebook than poking your ex-boyfriend after one too many Woo Woos.

It's no shock that people's fun-seeking spirit is indomitable - less disposable income just means more inventive ways to have a good ol' time, ranging from DIY karaoke competitions to homebrew-fuelled Tupperware swaps. At Londonist Towers we ain't cutting no corners though - we'll be pulling out all the stops at our 4th birthday bash tonight at the King's Head on Stafford Street from 6.30pm. Come and join us - but keep in mind there's not much parking space, so your chauffeur will have to circulate outside.

Last Updated 17 October 2008