Where To Watch The US Election Results Roll In

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Where To Watch The US Election Results Roll In

Next Tuesday, you'll be able to watch America decide who's next for the White House in the comfort of your own home, under a snug duvet, on any number of channels, over the net or on the radio. But for those of you who need a party atmosphere, there are some big ole shebangs going on around town:

Free: You can watch history being made, live on the big screen at the Sun and Doves, Camberwell, with live election coverage following an 8pm screening of Brokeback Mountain. Traditional American scoff will be available: burgers, hot dogs, salt beef, fries, bagels and big bags of donuts (sic) to see you through. Sounds awesome but will only be open till midnight.

Big: In fact, the biggest election night party in London, is being held in the frightening sounding Yates Wine Lodge in Leicester Square. Tickets are £35 or £100 depending on how important you are. Food, booze, many screens, merchandise from either side and a mock election to keep you entertained. Late licence till 4am which might take you through to an outcome.

Expensive: The swanky East Room in Shoreditch is charging £125 a head but is open till 9am and intends to create a convention atmosphere with 100 Democrats, 100 Republicans and 49 neutrals. Price includes food, booze, coffee and pancakes right through the night from late dinner until dawn with champagne for the winners, tea and sympathy for the losers.

Meaty: The Chicago Rib Shack in Knightsbridge will charge you just £25 for a meaty late night supper from 11pm and serve you a celebratory/commiseratory breakfast at 6.30am with an all night licence in between. Book now, tickets are limited.

Discreet, upmarket, no frills: The American Bar at the Stafford Hotel will be showing coverage all night. No admission fee, no RSVP but gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket in the American Bar. And they don't mean a leather jacket.

Let us know of other parties, pubs or venues opening up for election night.

Thanks to Matt Gierhart for asking the question, Ross McFarlane for super research and Craigslist for being handy.

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Here are a few more

Obama Volunteers Election Night Party
Time: 10 pm until late
Location: The Flea Pit, 49 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG
Info: Join a group of the Obama Campaign’s most active volunteers at this funky East London venue. Cash bar and snacks throughout the evening. Admission free, but RSVP required.
RSVP, and for more information: everyone@thefleapit.com

Union of Jewish Students USA 2008 Election Night party
Time: 11pm onwards…
Location: 16 UWP – UJS Hillel Student Centre
Drink/Food: Bring your own bottle
Info: Join UJS students, friends and alumni to watch the results of the US Election roll in.
RSVP, and for more information: peter@ujs.org.uk

Gramaphone Election Night Party
Time: 10pm – 4 or 5am
Location: 60-62 Commercial Street, near Spitalfields, E1 6LT,
Drink/Food: Includes delicious Thai food available all night and drink specials
Info: Join us for an all night election party to watch the US returns on our big screen TV and hopefully celebrate an Obama victory. Hope you can make it! No cover charge – just turn up.
For more information, contact: 020 7377 5332


Compare your financial plan under McCain vs. Obama.


What I find interesting is that tax cuts make a small difference in my long-term outlook, while market growth and inflation have a huge impact on my nest egg. The public attention given to tax breaks makes no sense to me. I'm voting for the candidate who will grow the U.S. economy and keep inflation down.


The event at the Flea Pit has been cancelled due to licensing complaints.


Ummmm...salt beef hasn't been traditional American scoff since the advent of refrigeration and the end of the Age of Sail...unless you're talking about beef jerky (which, despite sounding rather lewd, is really pretty tasty).