What’s for Lunch? Freightliners Farm Café

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What’s for Lunch? Freightliners Farm Café

Freightliner Farm Cafe

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

Freightliners Farm Café

Freightliners Farm, Sheringham Road, N7 8PF

0207 609 0467

Wednesday to Sunday - 11am to 4pm

Expect to Pay: around £4 for soup and salad or sandwich, £7 for most mains

How awesome is this place? A real live working farm just off gritty Holloway Road (and the only city farm in the UK with a non-slaughter policy). And, guess what, they serve lunch. Yep, freshly made vegetarian blackboard specials with ingredients raised on the farm are served Wednesday through Sunday in the farm’s volunteer-built café (traditionally jointed green oak with straw bale insulated walls and green roof café at that).

Londonist visited Freightliners Farm Café a couple of Saturdays ago and, despite some initial bad vibes from a gaggle of overly territorial yummy mummies, managed to find some room to sit down and enjoy a delicious lunch in a homey setting for about £18. Now, eighteen quid ain’t necessarily cheap, but we can assure you our lunch for two was a super heathy, well prepared heap of food (we had a couple of coffees too).

So how was that heap o' lunch? Here’s how we break it down!

Mushroom quiche with massive salad and lots of tomatoes (which actually had some real flavour)? Yay (and we mean that in an earthy, subdued sort of way)!

Parsnip and apple soup with ginger and Greek yoghurt? We were too busy devouring the wholesome goodness to actually take notes.

Fennel and chestnut, red wine stew with lentils and chunky carrots and warm olive bread? Wow autumnal and filling.

Beyond the tasty healthfulness of lunch at Freightliners Farm, it’s nice knowing that (according to the farm’s website) “all proceeds from the café go towards keeping the farm open and developing new farm projects” and that the café is “partly run by volunteers and provides a training programme and work experience for young people.” Nice place run by good folk. We’re happy to recommend lunch at FreightLiners Farm Café. We also highly recommend allotting enough time to pet some furry animals, look at all the pretty birds and have a look-see at the lovely gardens.

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Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 14 October 2008