Sandwichist – Gorgonzola and Grilled Aubergine from Gastronomeria Italia, Pimlico

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Sandwichist – Gorgonzola and Grilled Aubergine from Gastronomeria Italia, Pimlico


In search of London’s best sandwich since sliced bread

Feeling nostalgically summery and yearning for the sunny holiday that we can’t afford we decided to fill the void in our hearts and stomachs with an Italian sandwich from the quiet streets of Pimlico.

Sitting under an awning that had lost its structural integrity in the late 80s, our freshly made ciabatta sandwiches from Gastromomeria Italia made the gloomy, late September raindrops feel like rays of Sicilian sunshine. The efficient staff were a friendly mix of Italians and Columbians who have been honing the art of sandwich making for the last three decades.

We had two sandwiches which were both “belissimo”. San Danielle ham with mozzarella and pesto was a bit like snogging the Mona Lisa – in a good way! But it was surpassed by the grilled aubergine with gorgonzola number which gave creamy, salty and oozy a new meaning. The tangy cheese coupled with the deep, Mediterranean aubergine could have even fully signed up carnivores seriously questioning their status and signing up for a session of Vegetarians’ Anonymous!

Gastronomeria Italia’s wallet friendly prices are the perfect antidote to the world’s current financial problems. It’s just a shame that they are based in Pimlico and no one else is!

Words and photo by Browners

Last Updated 09 October 2008


"...lost its structural integrity in the late 80s" that made me laugh so much! I look forward to more Sandwichists in the future.Yum, yum.


I work in Cricklewood - we have none of this cosmopolitan fare. I am hungry and cross.


I work in Pimlico - where is it??

Davide Baroncelli

belissimo->bellissimo (which means "very beautiful": you probably want "buonissimo")
San Danielle->San Daniele
Mona Lisa->Monna Lisa

(Gastronomia Italia seems to be in Tachbrook Street)


Dear Davide, sorry about the horrific Italian. Shameful from me.

Many thanks for the suggestions. It was indeed on Tachbrook Street.

Leasimpson - very glad you liked the article. It's great fun writing them. If you have any ideas about where to review next let me know.