Sandpit No. 7: Taking Over Soho For London Games Festival

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Sandpit No. 7: Taking Over Soho For London Games Festival

Hide and Seek is the pervasive games festival started in 2007; the festival spawned a monthly games event called The Sandpit, a kind of workshop for new games and ideas discussed in the Hide and Seek forums.

Who better than they to offer up games and play time for the London Games Festival Fringe ? Games are not only about pushing buttons on a console and ninja-thwacking your opponents in a virtual world - according to the Sandpit ethos, games are about your surroundings, the people around you and your own creativity.

Tomorrow evening is Sandpit no.7, kicking off at 6.30pm 01zero-one in Soho. Be prepared to participate in games going by the names of 'Night of the Vampire' and 'Earpiece' and 'The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen' - some will involve getting out on the streets, there may be masks and / or hats. Previous Sandpits required good knowledge of animal sounds and the correct way to eat asparagus so brace yourself for just about anything and be ready to play.

It's easy to say in other situations that it's not the winning but the taking part that counts without meaning it. For Sandpit no.7, it's 100 per cent fact.

Sandpit no. 7, part of the London Games Festival Fringe, Wednesday 29 October at 01zero-one from 6.30pm. For more details and a full list of games planned for the evening, go to the Sandpit website.

Image author's own, showing sand sculpture on Regent Street, 2007

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