Review: John Squire's Noise

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Review: John Squire's Noise


Anyone who's read the liner notes of a Stone Roses album will know that their former guitarist is also a painter. While John Squire's work during his tenure in the Roses had a heavy Pollock influence, the artist has moved away from paint splashes and towards more impressionistic leanings.

The backgrounds are largely soft images, landscapes of nothing in particular. On some pieces there are faceless portraits, scenes of villages, and imposing buildings, but all are overlaid with words. Hundreds of words layered upon each other, scribbled with pastels and pencils. Some are painted in contrasting colours and leap out, others are mere suggestions scratched into the thickness of the paint.

The only piece to deviate from this style is the War Child 'Heroes' painting, which is being auctioned to benefit the charity. Alternatively, you can own a less unique copy for significantly less by buying the compilation when it comes out next year.

Noise: running now until 1 November. SW1 Gallery, 2 Cardinal Walk, SW1E 5JE. Tues-Fri 12-6pm. Sat 12-4pm.

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