NBA Baller Bested By Londoner

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 126 months ago
NBA Baller Bested By Londoner

With NBA teams Miami Heat and New Jersey Nets in London for last Sunday's game at the O2, the basketball stars might've expected a little down-time and R&R in a city where (as Vince Carter admitted) they're relatively unknown.

What they probably didn't expect was to be challenged by some English dude at a court down Stockwell way and, well, made to look pretty foolish, really. Nets point guard Devin Harris squared off against local man Stuart Tanner and, incredibly, the Londoner bested his 6'3" opponent, scoring a basket after the NBA man missed a three-pointer before nutmegging him and scoring another.

Harris takes it all with remarkably good grace, yet the story (videoed by Tanner's brother) was picked up by ESPN and has turned into a viral sensation. Stuart, far from being the "random English dude" described by bemused American sports commentators, is in fact a well-known streetballer; presumably his NBA contract is in the post.

Last Updated 16 October 2008