Le Cool London... The Book!

By Hazel Last edited 165 months ago
Le Cool London... The Book!

The book version of Le Cool London is here. The Le Cool weekly email that tells you everything you need to know, to do, to see and to generally be every seven days has been pinned to the page and is now available to buy.

Subscribing firmly to the 'noisy' school of graphic design and layout, Le Cool London is as jumbled, eccentric, surprising and exciting as the city it is recommending. Lots of research and genuine London experience has gone into the book, not making it easy for the visitors who just want to 'do' London but instead offering the kind of guide that suits both newly arrived and well-established Londoners who want to understand this place and squeeze out every last drop of adventure and quirkiness. Even we were surprised by a few things we hadn't known before - and it's not as if we don't get out and about ourselves a fair bit.

As a beautiful book about London, it's a page turner: you'll definitely want to flip back and forth just to look at the photos and page designs. As a guide book... well, there are no maps and no foreign currency conversion tables. There are no tips on how to use the Tube or indeed, how to tip in a restaurant. There are some occasional pages pitching car boot sales against auction houses, the garden square versus the forest and the Tube: better or worse than a taxi? But that's all you're going to get. It's a love letter written to and about London, and is like a small portable shrine to the place... a series of picture postcards, mementoes slipped into the secret pockets of your wallet, a phone number scribbled on the back of a used ticket... if you don't already love London, Le Cool London will show you how. And that's the best kind of guide book we can want for this town.

Le Cool London is available to purchase from the Le Cool books website.

Last Updated 14 October 2008