Eastern-Enders to hit Polish TV

By Matt_Crossick Last edited 123 months ago
Eastern-Enders to hit Polish TV

Eastenders may only have paid lip service to London's big Polish community (Erik, anyone?), but the Polish ex-pat population will soon have a TV series of their very own, thanks to a new show being created for Polish channel TVP1.

Londynczycy, which was largely filmed on location in the capital, has inevitably been dubbed 'Eastern-enders' by the press – but is in reality a much grittier look at life as a young Pole in London. It will focus on issues such as racism, exploitation – and also the attitudes of other Poles to their countrymates.

Of course, with the news that Poland's job market is now more buoyant than ours, we might well be facing a mass exodus from London to Warsaw. Could the producers of Londynczycy have a potential franchise on their hands? The sight of Phil Mitchell reduced to labouring on a building site in Warsaw for below minimum wage is TV gold waiting to happen...

Photo courtesy of Jovike's Photostream under the Creative Commons license.

Last Updated 23 October 2008