Bread (tick), Ariel Colour Liquitabs (tick), Acapella Marriage Proposal (tick)

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Bread (tick), Ariel Colour Liquitabs (tick), Acapella Marriage Proposal (tick)

Clapham Sainsbury's is a nice enough place to do your weekend grocery shop.

On Sunday, Clapham resident Neil took his girlfriend there to get a few bits. In their trolley they picked up a nice jar of cooking sauce, some bread, a small chicken and some Ariel Colour Liquitabs (good to see they're looking after their garments). Then, without warning, Neil suddenly burst into song, slightly distunefully, with an 'original' take of the Madness classic 'It Must Be Love'.

In normal circumstances, rubbish singing (such as often happens on nightbuses) is studiously ignored by all passengers in the desperate hope that the culprit will eventually get off and that the offending noise will cease. Instead, Neil was soon joined in song by a crowd of shoppers who provided a perfectly-arranged acapella backing, complete with crescendos and everything.

All were apparently under-cover members of Kitch In Sync (geddit), a new funky choir that specialises in their delivery of popular 80s chunes - and this whole rigmarole was aimed at getting Kaajal, Neil's girlfriend, to agree to a marriage proposal. Neil had been secretly practicing "for weeks". Hmmm.

Clever boy, we think. Of course she would have to say 'Yes' in front of that crowd. Can you imagine if she'd said 'No'? What's the etiquette if you're a crowd member - you can't cheer or laugh, so do you stay silent and watch the uncomfortable tragic silence unfold as someone's life-plan shatters? In any case, local doctor Kaajal is will know that saying 'Yes' doesn't necessarily count as a binding contract - and at least for now she will be the toast of the South London press.

See the whole video here. Cringe slightly at the initial public embarrassment, and then see if you can make out the brand of the bottle of bubbly that (we hope) that the Sainsbury manager gave them for free afterwards. If it's just a bottle of £3.79 Cava then maybe they should repeat the trick next week in the local Costcutter round the corner.

Details of Kitch In Sync (known, obviously, as KiS to their friends) here.

Imagine from Paul-in-London's Flickrstream

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