A Bus for Boris: Part Two

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A Bus for Boris: Part Two

We reported on the Foster routemaster design about ten days ago: now here’s a jolly offering from H4:

This is definitely going to be the Marmite of the bus world – you will either love it or hate it. OK – it does look like a toy. But what a joyous sight to behold. Who could maintain the commuter’s stern countenance in the face of such wheel-borne frivolity? And it’s got curvy seats. And telly. And the driver in the middle, kinda like the nose in the middle of a smiley face. We like. But we are prepared to bet that this will be the most contentious design of the lot. Whaddya reckon?

Last Updated 14 October 2008


In a world without knees, teenagers, shopping or luggage that seating layout would only marginaly irritating...


I like it! I aso like Marmite.

It gives the impression of being more spacious and the aisle to one side appeals to me. Kinda friendly and trainlike.


I don't reckon they thought through the drawbridge.

All it takes is for one member of the public to get their legs sliced off at the knee and health & safety would be down on them like a ton of shit.

At least they'd have decent wheelchair access to the bus afterwards.


That did make me laugh... but don't buses have that kind of 'drawbridge' now anyway?


I can see that the seating layout might be a tad 'cosy' at times.
But I see it as an iconic new venue, maybe even spawning new societies: debating societies, post-natal meetings... that layout would be great for a cup of tea and a chat.


I did laugh at how the linked Standard article suggested that the seating layout would reduce crime. Really? By allowing kids to congregate and sprawl across the horseshoes and box people in?

Would love to see this bus negociate a sharp corner...


It's very long isn't it, and not very much ground clearence? It'll look lovely grounded on top of Muswell Hill...


Definately my favourite of the two designs that've been featured here.

Foster's is alright... but something about the front didn't look right, although it didn't help that there wasn't a render showing the whole of the front of the bus.

I do feel there's some room for improvement, the driver's mirrors seem a tad gargantuan and seem out of scale... and I'm not overly keen on the feature described as 'the nose' on the front...

But, whilst I'm not a fan of them... the rest of the concept makes up for them. I definately like the concept of shifting the aisle to one side... it'd make wheelchair access easier (although it'll also make it easier to get those bloody baby buggies on board). At least it means there's less chance of falling into the passengers if it sharply rounds a corner.

Televisions are a nice touch... not too sure how practical they'd be in the long run, but could provide a nice way of dispensing the news for those who suffer from motion sickness if attempting to read whilst the bus is in motion.