Win: Fun Lovin Criminal Gig Tix Tonight!

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Win: Fun Lovin Criminal Gig Tix Tonight!

You've probably heard of the Silent Disco concept, but tonight Smirnoff are bringing a new element to the scene - Silent Disco Live.

Tonight The Fun Lovin' Criminals will kick off a new 10 month Smirnoff live night programme with a silent gig at Koko. We can't quite figure out what this is going to be like, but it's certainly going to be different to the average noisy gig. You'll wear headphones and listen to the music that way rather than through amps. Plus we're promised tasty Smirnoff cocktails and a silent bar (?!?)

We saw the Fun Lovin' Criminals a couple of years ago and they were really good fun, so we're delighted to be able to offer our readers 10 pairs of tickets to go to tonight's gig. Fill in this form and we'll get back to you at about 4pm. You must be 18+ to attend.

Last Updated 10 September 2008



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I won tickets to this, and it was a very strange night out.

The slow service at the bar wasn't helped by the fact that the barstaff refused to speak ;)

The FLC were in pretty good form - and seemed to find the whole thing as bizarre as the audience did.

I'm not sure it'll take off though - the atmosphere was sorely lacking with no noise. It felt like being in your grandmother's front room, having been told to keep the noise down.