What Are You Like?

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What Are You Like?

1709.dpg.jpg Sounds like a bizarre parlour game, doesn’t it? In fact that’s exactly what it was in Victorian times – and national treasure Quentin Blake has resurrected the idea for a new exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The show consists of 40 or so sketches by slebs (including Anna Ford and Brian Eno) illustrating various characteristics of their lives: they are displayed anonymously so that visitors can go round and guess which belongs to whom. Only problem is, Londonist ain’t heard of quite a few of the luminaries on the list. Hey ho. We reckon that although this may seem like a lightweight for the DPG, it also sounds like a bit of fun. And as it is part of the venerable Mr. Blake’s efforts to construct an all new museum of illustration, it should be compulsory to attend. After all he illustrated most of Londonist’s childhood, and we’re prepared to bet that he did the same for you.

The exhibition runs until 18th January.

Last Updated 17 September 2008